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Ciano Emotions


An easy to maintain aquarium allowing the maximum of access to the inside using the practical hinged opening of the lid. 1 Biological filter 1 lighting system 2 x 24W T5 1 water pump 260 L/h 1 Heater 100 W 1 mechanical filtration foam 15 PPI 1 Installation Guide Aquarium Dimensions: L67xW37xH50 cm. Volume 98L. Glass Thickness 6mm.

Available in Black and White Emotions 60, 80, 100, 120 litres.



New Fish And Plant Arrivals Sep 2016
Emperor Tetra

Gold Pencil Fish 3 For £5.00
Large Pangassius Cats £4.95 Each
Weather Loach £2.95 Each
Black Diamond Shrimps £3.45 Each

Polkadot Loach £7.25 Each
Female Fighters £3.95 Each
Careleus Malawi Cichlid £5.00 Each

4" Black Orandas £20.00 Each
4" Assorted Fantails £9.75 Each
4" Assorted Comet Goldfish £5.30 Each

LG Terracotta Potted Plants, various species available. First time in stock £2.95 Each

Small Green Tiger Barbs £1.80 Each
Male Bumble Bee Guppies £1.90 Each
Medium Pink Kissing Gouramis £3.65 Each
3" Dennisoni Torpedo Barbs £7.50 Each
Emperor Tetras 3 For £6.00
3" Koi Carp £5.50 Each

XL Amazon Swords £3.50 Each
XL Anubia Heterophyla £4.50 Each



Special Offer
Ringed Aquarium Plants

All ringed plants now £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00



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