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Broken Aquarium

We offer an aquarium repair service. So if you have a cracked, leaking tank or generally want the silicone renewed we can help. Most sizes catered for. Please call the store for a quote.



New Fish And Plant Arrivals Jul 2016
Aponogeton Ulvaceus

Java Fern On Coconut Husk £9.75 Each
Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant And Bulb £6.75 Each
Potted Red Rubin Sword Plants £5.75 Each
Large Java Fern On Bogwood £9.50 Each
Salvinia Floating Plants £3.00 Per Tub
Potted Cordifolius Sword Plants £3.50 Each

Scribbled Gobies £3.50 Each
6" Green Phantom Plecos L200 £25.00 Each
XL Keyhole Cichlids £7.50 Each
MED Assorted African Malawi Cichlids £5.00 Each
Peacock Haplochromis Cichlids £7.50 Each
Stonelappers ( Coldwater Algae Eaters ) £1.75 Each

Sterbai Catfish £4.70 Each
Green Terror Cichlids £5.95 Each
Glowlight Danios 3 For £5.95
Odessa Barbs £3.50 Each
Large Assorted African Malawi Cichlids £12.50 Each

Please check back every month for new Fish and Plant Arrivals


Special Offer
Parlour Palm


You'll commonly find this plant labeled as Neanthe bella. Slow-growing, they're usually sold as young plants around 1 ft (30 cm) tall.

Ideal for vivariums and terrariums because they'll stay small for years and won't crowd other plants.

The Parlor Palm is a beautiful addition to any vivarium/terrarium. It's already potted and comes in a variety of species.

We have various species instore at £2.95 per pot.


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