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Welcome to the Aquarium Design Centre. We will be adding more pages soon. In the meantime please check our Ebay Store listings for some great deals at the bottom of this page. Also please visit our Facebook page aquariumdesigncentreglasgow for all the latest up to the date information.follow me on facebook

Latest News
Ciano Tartariums


The tartarium is equipped with ramp supports with a dry zone in high quality white plastic with high gloss finish. A small lid is included which fits above the ramps to prevent the turtles jumping out.

Tartariums are available in the 40cm, 60cm and 80cm sizes.


New Fish And Plant Arrivals April 2016
Red Torpedo Dennisoni Barb

Red Torpedo Dennisoni Barbs £7.50 Each
Red Spot Severums £16.00 Each
Uaru Cichlids £8.50 Each
XL Assorted Male Sailfin Mollies £7.95 Each
Paraguay Tetras 4 For £4.00
Albino Bristle Nose Plecos £5.95 Each Standards £5.50 Each
Bumble Bee Platys 3 For £5.00
Electric Balloon Butterfly Rams £6.50 Each
Spotted Talking Catfish £5.50 Each
Firemouth Cichlids £4.50 Each
Siamese Algae Eaters 3 For £5.00
Electric Blue Acaras £13.00 Each

Please check back every month for new Fish and Plant Arrivals.


Special Offers
Potted Anubias Barteri

Ciano Tartariums 3 Sizes 40cm, 60cm, 80cm. Low Price
Betta Internal Power Filters. Low Price
Potted Echinodorus Ozelot Sword Plants £3.95 Per Pot
Potted Anubias Barteri £4.50 Per Pot
3-4" Assorted Discus £32.50 Each or 2 For £60.00
Large 2.5cm Rummy Nose Tetras 10 For £10.80


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