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MAY 2013

We are now able to offer a whole new range of aquarium cabinet colours. Please call for details.

MAY 2013

We have just in installed a new 12 tank shrimp and invertebrate section in our store, as well as the equipment dedicated to the upkeep of these popular species.

MAY 2012

We have just become the official Eheim dealer for Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Ciano Aquariums

We have taken stock of the full range of Ciano Aquariums including 60 litre starter kits right up to the 120 litre Emotions range. Tanks are finished in a modern highly polished surface available in Black and White and are very affordable. All come complete with lights and filter system.

"Frozen" Tank Ornaments

We now stock a range of this popular childrens films ornaments instore now.

Lots Of Varieties Of Aquarium/Reptile Wood In Stock.

XL Bogwood


Finger Wood

Mopani Wood

Talawa Wood

Azalea Wood

Ciano Tartarium

We now Stock The Brand New Ciano Tartarium Turtle Tanks

These tanks contain an unique ramp for the turtles to climb up onto to bask. Completed with a white finish.

Tartarium 40cm £20.65
Tartarium 60cm £27.20
Tartarium 80cm is also available to order.

Dont forget we stock Yellow Belly Turtles and all the necessary equipment required for them.


  Desk top, 1.8 gallons
• Unique waterfall feature
• Cartridge based filtration
• On/off button for light
• Pump driven power filter

Desk top aquarium kit featuring a soothing waterfall into a handblown glass bowl look and LED lighting technology and includes Tetra' s whisper filtration.

New Fish And Plant Arrivals Fri 21st Aug 2015
Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

 3" Red And White Orandas
 Pangassius Catfish
 4" Red Oscars
 4" Red Tiger Oscars
 Cory Punctatus Catfish
 XL Harlequin Rasbora
 Cory Melanistus Catfish
 Silver Hatchet Fish
 LG Ottocinclus Catfish
 Colombian Sharks
 XL Amazon Swords
 XL Anubias Lancelota
 XL Giant Vallis
 Banana Plants
 Aponogeton Ulvaceus
 Echinodorus Oriental 8cm pot
 Echinodorus Ozelot 8cm pot

Please check back every Friday for new Fish and Plant arrivals.


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