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Welcome to the Aquarium Design Centre. We will be adding more pages soon. In the meantime please check our Ebay Store listings for some great deals at the bottom of this page. Also please visit our Facebook page aquariumdesigncentreglasgow for all the latest up to the date information.follow me on facebook

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Custom Built Cabinets

Remember we custom build cabinet sets from 18" right up to 96" available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.



New Fish And Plant Arrivals Dec 2016
Blue Diamond Shrimp

3" Red Tiger Oscars £12.95 Each
Panther Danios 3 For £7.50
Small Scalare Angelfish £3.95 Each
Black Harlequin Rasboras 3 For £9.00
Cory Sterbai £3.75 Each
Large Red Parrot Cichlids £15.00 Each
Large Clown Barbs £4.50 Each
3" Whitespot Plecos £5.00 Each
3" Assorted Koi Carp £5.75 Each
Blue Diamond Shrimps £3.45 Each
2-3" Map Turtles £14.50 Each

Large Cory Brochis Catfish £5.60 Each
True Wild Caught Platinum Tetras 3 For £6.00
3-4" Assorted Fantails Grade A £8.50 Each

XL Amazon Sword Plants Bunched £2.50 Each

Variegated Allternanthera Bunched Plants £2.50 Each

Large Lime Green Fountain Plants £2.50 Each






Special Offer
Java Moss On Bamboo Sticks

This java moss on bamboo is an easy plant to keep and creates instant impact. It's ideal for placing directly onto the substrate and like magic, you've got an instant carpet of moss. If you put a few of these together it would look truly fabulous. 20cm sticks £3.75 Each.




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