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Welcome to the Aquarium Design Centre. We will be adding more pages soon. In the meantime please check our Ebay Store listings for some great deals at the bottom of this page. Also please visit our Facebook page aquariumdesigncentreglasgow for all the latest up to the date information.follow me on facebook

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Larger Aquariums

We custom build larger aquariums as well.  6ft - 7ft etc in various shapes and colours



New Fish And Plant Arrivals Jan 2017
Red And Green Dracaena

Giant Vallis Bunched Plants £2.50 Each
Straight Vallis Bunched Plants £2.50 Each
Java Moss On Bamboo Sticks £2.50 Each

XL Red And Green Dracaena Potted £3.95 Each
Loose Anubias Barteri £2.75 Each
Japanese Moss Balls £2.75 Each

5" Green Phantom Plecos £29.95 Each
Marble Diamond Veiltail Angelfish £7.00 Each
Zebra Veiltail Angelfish £7.00 Each
African Brown Frogs £2.95 Each
Balloon Mollies £1.50 Each
Large Algae Eaters £2.00 Each
Small Assorted Platys 6 For £4.00
Blue Coral Platys 6 For £5.00
3" Butterfly Tiger Plecos £15.00 Each
Large Silver Dollars £6.95 Each
Assorted Swordtails £3.00 Pair
Medium Pink Kissers 4 For £6.00
3" Assorted Ryukins ( Coldwater ) £7.50 Each

Cory Punctatus Catfish £4.65 Each
Electric Blue Rams £6.80 Each Or 2 For £13.00
XL Balloon Rams ( Stunning ) £10.50 Each Or 2 For £20.00
Silver Hatchet Fish £3.60 Each
Odessa Barbs £3.50 Each
Albino Red Dragon Peacock African Cichlids £6.75 Each

Small Keyhole Cichlids £4.50 Each
Jumbo Rummy Nose Tetras £2.15 Each Or 6 For £12.00
Small 2" Blue Lobsters £7.95 Each






Special Offer
Classica Bubbling Led Volcano

Classica Stunning bubbling volcano ornament with air and changeable colour LED lighting. Colourful high quality polyresin suitable for aquarium use. Non-Toxic finishes and intricate craftsmanship. LED lighting with changeable colours creates realistic effects. Add oxygen to your aquarium along with effective display. £19.99




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